Hey there, its been a while.

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  • Hey everybody! I'm not sure how many newcomers came to the scene since I left Germany, I hope its a bunch! But i dont know how many of you are in the scene did remember me. My time in Germany was very precious to me with the smash community there, and I think about you all very often. I hope you made all your personal goals and enjoyed your time with the game! If you do not know who I am, My day is Cyanide! Geeky Goon Squad but I did some smaller streams so I commented in Germany for the 2.5 years . I did the first PPT and Beast6.

    Anyway thats all in the past, I am posting for two reasons.
    1) I just genuinely wanted to see how everyone was doing.
    2) I'd really love to come back to Germany to see you all, but I need help.

    about a year or 2 ago, i spoke to Pandalil about a possible compendium for me to come back out for smash 4, but I was still in the Army (Im out now.) so i figured it would be better to just wait for the next smash bros to come out before i brought this up. Ultimate is approaching, and I'd love to be there to cast/play for/with the country that won my heart so quickly.

    I'm asking if a compendium is feasible, If not, I understand. But please still leave a response letting me know how you are!

    I wish you all the best.

  • To be honest there isnt much going on right now as far as i can tell.

    I would totaly sign up for a compedium. In my eyes the most sense would be to wait for a german major once ultimate has been released and hire you as a commentator or something like that.

    Anyways im looking forward to see you again brother. You should check out the discord chat of smashlabs for most recent stuff in the scene here if youre into that.

  • Hey man,

    I'm doing really great. I got married and have a son now. I think you're also married and have a daughter? Would love to see you again, at an event or not. I'd personally give a bit towards a compendium, even thougth I haven't been to a tournament for probably two years or more. Let's see how the scene will develop over here.



  • Hi cyanide.

    While I never met you in person during the time you were visiting tournaments in Germany, I did see you quite often on commentary on stream and did enjoy it. It sounds great you plan on returning to Germany to commentate future events and I also think a compendium sounds like a good idea to help you out with the travel costs. With the release of Ultimate being just a month away, I really hope it'll work out to get you back over to Germany to spice up the commentary!

    I'm sure you are already as excited for the new Smash game as most of us, so just out of curiosity do you know already who you want to test/main in Ultimate? ;)

  • selebu I do not have any kids my guy, however I am married to the same girl I was dating when I was in Germany.

    Titi day 1 main will be squirtle, hes probably my most excited "return". But i will be playing whatever is top tier, i made a promise to myself before ultimate was even announced in the next generation I wont be playing "for fun" anymore but more "to win". I appreciate your nice comments about my commentary, I miss doing it in Europe!