Swiss Smash 4 Power Ranking (OUTDATED)

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    Here's a link to the current Swiss pr:

    Hey guys,

    This is a power ranking created from the results of the offline tournaments in Switzerland with a standard ruleset. It is based on Microsoft's TrueSkill algorithm and is similar to an ELO system.

    For a tournament to count in the PR:
    - The Tournament has to be announced at least 2 days before being held.
    - The All Time PR should be used as a guideline for tourney
    - Consoles must have all tournament stages and characters.
    - TOs should have enough "lagless" setups to provide players that want to play on them.
    - 8+ players.
    P.S. any abuse of this system in order to boost the rank of a player that does not actually compete at the level he is ranked at will be revised by the TOs.

    List of tournaments: (GGC will not count towards our PR)

    Season 2016 PR (starting after SNL Final in Bern, so from February 2016):

    All time PR: